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Friday, June 26, 2015

Message from before the grave

Robert Smith (of the band The Cure) was responsible for a big piece of my childhood.  I'd always read that he lied his ass off during interviews, constantly claiming that the band was about to break up so no one ever believed what he said.  Although it seemed like a terrific response to the inanity of celebrity, I didn't bother ever encountering him in anything beyond music.  Then by chance I see a remarkably sweet, gentle, and honest interview with someone that's had a huge impact on who I am.

It was a really amazing thing to see something of the root of someone else that built some of me.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Unreal bad political move

State Rep. Bill Chumley loves changing the subject in the middle of a really important conversation.

This just happened so I'm a little light on perspective but I really, really hope this guy resigns fucking immediately.  This notion that John McClane from Die Hard is going to bust through the window and kick some ass is a disturbing and goofy fantasy.  This is a bunch of people facing a gunman in a church.  Different people react different ways to death starring them in the face.  I have no idea how I'd react and I'm have little doubt Bill has no idea either.  Not to mention this is the wrong time to ask that question.  What an ass.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

No Vicodin

All my life I've known exactly one person who was addicted to "real" drugs of the class of coke, heroin, etc.  Meanwhile I've known 4 different people with serious (two of them life-threatening) issues around doctor-prescribed opiates.  In the absence of being able to share my own stories, I found this.