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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Blackberry afraid to move out of parents' basement

Some people apparently love Blackberry. My 8100?

  • The device on the whole is about as intuitive as trying to pet an angry cat.
  • Getting the software off your computer is like when you got Crisco on your hands when you were a kid. Try washing that shit off.
  • Developers are playing a game with users of "hide the features and settings". Desktop software similarly useful.
  • Wait for Jesus to return while installing the Desktop Software.
  • While other renegade companies are learning to distribute and sell software for their smartphones like its some kind of platform, Blackberry can't download external software unless you have a data connection with your provider. Forget saving money and bandwidth by downloading stuff through your computer.
  • Blackberry thinks Mac users should buy a real computer (won't download saved music and photos with an accessory SD card and won't update anything).
  • But the latest operating system has all kinds of features! But how do you install this mysterious software when its not listed in the official support downloads? Magic!

1 comment:

Kimberly said...

Have you tried osmosis yet?

Here's how....

To download new phone software-

Step 1: Open computer.

Step 2: Open web browser of choice. Pull up new software download page.

Step 3: Place Blackberry 8100 on keyboard.

*†Osmosis will occur.

To transfer files from phone to computer-

Step 1: Open computer.

Step 2: Navigate to the folder where you'd like to transfer the files.

Step 3: Place Blackberry 8100 on keyboard.

*†Osmosis will occur.

Its just that easy. Unfortunately, getting the phone to move out of its parents' basement is matter some phones just have to figure out by themselves. Women can't just go around solving the world's problems. Well, we could and often do, but have found it only produces lazy, inanimate objects who can't move out of their parents' basement.

*Osmosis will occur eventually.
†Results may vary.