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Friday, October 02, 2009

Subtract your news (a howto)

Tired of getting certain types of news? Whether its the inconsequential morons or politics from Obama, Sean Hannity, or overused sports phrases, there's a way to finally clean that up using the free FeedRinse service:

1. Set up an account

2. Make a list:
People/topics I'm sick of

* Kayne West
* That Jon and Kate show
* Marilyn Manson
* Donald Trump
* American Idol
* Dance competitions


* Britney Spears
* Lindsay Lohan
* Scott Weiland
* Scott Stapp
* Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie
* The Kardashians

3. Get your news source (there are many). For example, the Associated Press Top Stories feed:

4. Add a list of filters. Click the "+" sign a few times to add lots of blockers:

5. Finally, select "get your rinsed feeds" and click the button in red below:

I use Google's service but there are many listed below:

You're done! Log into your news reader of choice and you've just filtered out the stupid!


Mark said...

Great article.

Anonymous said...

I would of been able to read this except i block the words britney lindsey and michael