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Friday, July 23, 2010

Zimbra email client review (part 2)

See Part 1

This is review is my attempt to take a second look at this program.

  • God awful memory cluttering (over 100 megs!).  I'm thinking it runs an entire web server to operate this single application.  Surely they could turn a few services off to cut that down a little.
  • Contacts and calendar don't plug in right to my work email.
  • New messages notification in task bar never goes away even after i read everything
  • Indent email is a two-click process.  I indent A LOT of email so this is painful.
  • Search is somewhat slow
  • "Notebook" doesn't work or sync with Outlook's "notes"
  • Very annoying: won't exit memory unless you say "Shutdown Service" rather than "Quit".  Just sits there taking up a TON of ram.

  • Best feature may be that when a time is mentioned "Yesterday, Tomorrow, Next Week" it automatically highlights this and asks if you want to make a calendar instance from it.  This is beyond cool.
  • Cleaner, simpler, easier to search my messages ... will even search my entire public folders directory, which helps me track down weird/obscure company information.  (include "in:inbox" if you dont' want that to happen)
  • Collects messages into a "conversation" / gmail-style box
  • Skinable
  • Connects many different email accounts

Verdict: Would rather use Thunderbird and just forward everything to Zimbra.

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