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Friday, September 10, 2010

Recent Mac finds

  • MenuMeters - I was upset when a similar program went payware until I found a free, open, and just as good alternative.
  • Keka - Finally a high compression opener and creator for Mac.  Now if they would only integrate a file manager.
  • Miro Video Converter - Send files into formats that will work with your devices.  Simple, clean, and pretty.
  • Mplayer OSX Extended - Finally broad format support like SMplayer for Windows.
Updates on stuff posted here before:
  • Perian - broader format support for Mac's own Quicktime player.  Primarily use it to play Windows Media format files.
  • Growl - notification system for OS X that Windows would do well to mimic.  I've probably talked about it before but oh well.
  • Burn - really got to test out this program out recently and wow did it perform.  Great stuff.
  • Audacity Beta - leaps and bounds above the non-beta version.  Remember auto recording based on noise detection (like if you talk?).  Its in there.

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