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Thursday, August 13, 2015

It's fake, we all know it's fake, and why that's bad

An article written in the same over-the-top style it's criticizing, but a lot of the comments here are spot on.  Maybe that's the point.

"Political coverage that ignores actual policy in favor of gauging public perception and election prospects often is called "horse race journalism" for treating politics as a pure competition, the only goal of which is electoral victory. That's a pretty apt descriptor of how this stuff gets covered, except in one respect. The reporters who cover actual horse-racing have the dignity and professional pride not to grant phony import and stature to an early show that sprints out of the gate but has no chance of hanging around to decide the outcome. The reason is pretty simple: They value not making themselves look like craven f--king idiots. Maybe that's why they cover farm animals running in a circle, rather than presidential campaigns."

Short version: giving time and energy to a fake candidate is cynical, empty, and ultimately bad for an honest media that's necessary to facilitate productive elections and thereby a stable government.

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