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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How to go to outdoor shows - Part 2: Dress

Second in my series on going to outdoor shows.  Back to Part 1: Possessions.


First and foremost, dress in layers.  Your base layer should be as light as possible so you can be in an unusually hot area and have a good time as easily as if you're in a cold one.


Depending on the climate, you'll want one or more long sleeve items that are fairly light and maybe just a little longer than your arms.  Then, you can then tie or double-tie these around your waist without any fear of losing it.  Needless to say, the top layer should be some kind of rain covering and include a hood.

I'd look for something low-key and dismiss-able in a rain cover, just in case you need to leave a volatile situation, but visible enough that cars can see you.


I take a plain, dark-colored baseball cap just because it helps keep the rain out of my eyes and I can use it to look inconspicuous.  A velcro backing means you can loop it around your belt.

You can also lose your outer layer and hat if things go REALLY bad (see "Bad Vibes" section) and you need to -- not just leave a situation -- but look like someone else.  If you're in the city, I like acting like a jogger, running in place and checking my pulse.  Note that I've only ever had to do this once as a precaution.


I'm a guy so I always wear pants but whatever you do, wear something loose fitting with good sized pockets, and with some kind of belt.  As with the jacket, something low-key is recommended to blend in.  If it's something you can lift up above your ankles to let it breathe, that's an additional benefit.


This is a tough one because I like waterproof shoes because they promise your night won't get ruined by stepping in a puddle or when someone spills something on you, but they tend to not breathe well, which is bad for long walks and dancing.  It's a toss up.

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