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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Glenn Beck doesn't do his homework

Evidently Beck is ripping on people to an audience of millions without even doing the courtesy of asking for comment.  Why should facts get in the way of a good story?


Anonymous said...

It seems you are getting too wrapped up with this. Yes, millions of people watch Glen Beck. If you want you could say the people that follow him are zombies but that would be playing into a theme you've already discussed. When big media names (left and right) smear people in public without open forum and or comment or discussion, intelligent people just tune out. There is so much spin these days, It's sometimes impossible to understand the actual news without listening to two/three different sources.

In the history of NEWS, a majority of the news has agendas.

I can think of too many headlines that were published, that were inaccurate or worse flat out wrong.

Millions of people also read the National Enquirer and the New York Times, so take a break what the sunset and repeat after me. "Zombies"

*Meant to be funny. Sometimes it doesn't come out well in print.


Folding Home said...


I am trying to have it both ways: I want to say that you shouldn't listen to the daffy pundits, while at the same time I'm listening to the daffy pundits. Its a bit silly but, I guess my main effort is to tear down people who walk unflinchingly against the facts or worse contradict themselves. As much slant as there is in the news, its not okay to make stuff up as you go along.