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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fear sells

An excellent article on Glenn Beck covers both the state of American politics, the divided state, and a profitable way to play to your audience.  He's not the only one following this model, he's just the best at it.  We can all learn from the way he and others like him both Right and Left love and celebrate America by calling whoever is not on their team a bunch of toxic dirtbags. 

Beck and the other kids want you to know that whatever team you're on, the other team represents all that is wrong/delusional/evil.  [Please buy my book.]

If you enjoy group think and polarization, be sure to participate in this process and remember that those other people are just crazy.

Note: I apologize for referencing an article with with a question for a headline.  As pointed out by John Stewart, they are frequently editorial embellishment and/or poor journalism.