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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Personal recorders don't cover your ass

Although I don't want people tapping my phone, I want to be able to walk into situations where someone is acting in an unlawful way and be able to prove later in court I'm not the bad guy. A recent asinine court case says this not only isn't okay, but sets a scary precedent that your iPhone is illegal.

What is legal in Massachusetts might differ from your state, but from my basic understanding of wiretapping laws, this sounds accurate. A conversation between yourself and one other person is one issue, but if you pick up a conversation between two other people in a not-exactly-public space, you could land in legal hot water. This case seems to take it a step further, making it possible for a cop to make your life harder merely for:

... "possession of a wiretapping device." Yikes. Even my iPhone has a voice recorder feature built in. I'm in possession of such a device any time I step out in public.

The only solution seems to be make the recorder as inconspicuous as possible in the hopes that it will be overlooked, or deal with people exclusively over the phone.

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