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Friday, September 11, 2009


Something that really tests the limit of free speech versus defamation, but with what should be a sound satirical point:
  1. Glenn Beck makes accusations about Obama's citizenship with no evidence.
  2. An openly offensive website makes accusations about Glenn Beck with no evidence.
Therefore Glenn Beck has no claim against a political wedge is being used against him.

Unfortunately for the site operator, he should have chosen someone else to make this point with, since Beck has come out against this particular issue. Beck is no stranger to conspiracy theories, but the "Birthers" aren't one of them.

Lou Dobbs is probably a better target for this type of edgy, biting satire.

(Thanks Wes.)

Update: John Stewart runs this satire a lot better:
"I have no reason to believe that Congressman Campbell (who co-sponsored Birther-related legislation) spends his time surreptitiously giving out dollar tug jobs at a local rest stop."

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