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Friday, August 13, 2010

Vote with your wallet

Target recently apologized for giving money to an right-leaning candidate after boycotts were discussed.  Although the term vote with your wallet is nothing new and readily visible in politics today, now companies are starting to directly target a politically divided group.

Enter Creedo mobile, a cell phone company that takes pleasure in pointing out AT&T has given millions more to Republicans than Democrats.  AT&T has been tacitly advertising for Creedo since its not hard to find ways in which AT&T is a morally compromised company, but how far does this go?  Should I buy "lefty" toothpaste and carrots?

Although its nice to be able to use more than a ballot box to vote, one danger is that if consensus and goodwill are achieved politically, this could be bad for business.  A group or company born of conflict seems to disappear if that conflict ever goes away, so those companies have a vested interest in stoking the flame.  While the fire doesn't appear to be going out anytime soon, its disturbing to imagine a group whose bottom line is impacted by how much people hate each other.  C.S. Lewis wrote a book about this sort of thing.


Anonymous said...

I find it funny that liberals were so hateful of Target for supporting a Republican candidate for governor indirectly. The gay/lesbian community never seemed to have any problem cashing Target's checks in support of their big gay/lesbian blowout each summer in Minneapolis. So now all candidates are supposed to be one-issue candidates or corporations can't support them? If I disagree with a candidate on one issue am I not allowed to support him/her?

It's scary how many rubes are out there. I guess it explains how Michele Bachmann got elected.

Folding Home said...

That's pretty close to trolling, Anonymous.


Please provide some context or factual grounding for your statements.

Anonymous said...

It's really not that hard to verify. But for those skeptics who are too lazy: http://gaysocialites.com/info/2010/07/28/target-defends-lgbt-support-following-pac-donation/