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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

How to go to outdoor shows - Part 4: Encouraging Good Vibes

Fourth in my series on going to outdoor shows.  Back to Part 3: Bad Vibes.



This is a big one: it's always improved my night immensely if I can help someone out.  So for example, if you see someone looking for something, ask if you can help look for it.  Or someone who looks really, really tired, ask if they need help or water.  Heck, just giving a few bucks to a homeless person or being polite with the ticket person can go a really long way.

My best nights have always included a little kindness.


If you go down this road, you probably know the standard precautions (watch your drink, don't accept anything from someone you don't know personally) but my track on this is to make sure you have -- not just a designated driver -- but a reliable sober person local and available.

If you don't have this, keep anything in this space limited to early and low key.  I know these are important to having a good time for many, so they've got to be managed.  Many situations have been created/exacerbated by chemicals, so I've started to treat them like a ticking bomb.

Going alone

More than ever before I've been going to events by myself which has meant more precautions, writing down or memorizing a few numbers in case I lose my phone, and making sure someone knows where I'm at.

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