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Saturday, June 27, 2009

News flash

Michael Jackson is dead -- musicians several orders of magnitude better than him still hard at work.

In related news: major media outlets celebrate the announcement by a California coroner that a cause of death won't be determined for several weeks. Plans to drag the story as long as humanly possible in the works. Inevitable speculation by news anchors about Jackson's return from the dead not treated with any skepticism will herald a new journalistic low and the dawn of the end-times.

Update: upon reflection, I think this post is more about Jackson's less-savory past than upon his actual talent; a quick look at wikipedia shows that he wrote most of his songs. I'm a fan of Hunter Thompson's writing, but I also acknowledge he was a shitty person.

Update Update! Wow, did I ever call it: MJ's Ghost! Hahaha! (Of course quickly debunked.)

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Folding Home said...

> musicians several orders of magnitude better than him

A friend of mine thought this was harsh but this is a general point that Jackson hadn't released anything of real quality since the early 90s and even that was only culturally significant ("Black or White"). I have no idea what the album "HiStory" even sounds like and don't care to find out.

Meanwhile artists that put out consistently great material are by contrast ignored. Musical geniuses like Beck, Mos Def, and Aphex Twin to name just a few have and will continue to put out music that will be considered classics in 20 years.