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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

TV is lying to you

Enjoy it when something vile turns out to be something good after all?   The idea of an article explaining how to do the opposite of what you see on TV should be great fun.  Well, the article doesn't pay off very well in terms of its initial promises, so here's how it should have been written.

  • Has lots of stuff you don't need.  Live slim for a few years to help build your savings.
  • Has lots of serial killers, but they're not frequent in real life.  If you have extra space, rent it out.  A solid contract and a big deposit will prevent most problems.
  • Is where public transportation gets threatened by disasters.  These too are rare.  Use public transportation in any big city, especially when you travel.
  • Portrays Ethnic people poorly (e.g. soup nazi / goofy).   Yet somehow Ethnic restaurants are frequently cheaper and just as good. 
  • Wants you to go to Best Buy or other slick, overpriced gadget hole.  Instead, check Craigslist/Freecycle first for almost anything you buy or sell.
  • Thinks you need help.  Whatever it is, try doing it yourself first before you pay someone else from coffee to losing weight.

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