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Monday, September 08, 2014

My rules for online dating (part 4)


This is fairly rare.  Either I'm genuinely interested or I'm hoping something is going to happen the third time that didn't on the first two.  Anyway, this is just a progression building from previous exchanges.  You just talk more about what you've talked about and see if you can build a real relationship.  After this there's less of a system, you just take your time and try to build an honest, long-term connection.

Note that I've gone to #3 before just because the girl was pretty.  Don't judge me!


- See if this is someone who makes you happy, brings out the best in you, etc.
- Introduce her to your friends
- [Eventually] spend a holiday together
- One trick is something Bill Murray came up with ... one of many good ways to tell who someone really is

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Addendum: More first meeting suggestions. 

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